Ikeshima-san & Hamamura-san // Prewedding // Kanazawa, Japan

I don't get a lot of direct bookings from Japanese clients, but when I do, I'm always super excited. Ikeshima-san and Hamamura san were my first direct booking in Kanazawa city. They were awfully patient with my painfully poor Japanese, and suggested a number of lovely locations. They were such a comfortable, quiet and cozy couple .  I had a lovely day out exploring Kanazawa city with them and their sweet mommies, who helped out the gowns, lunch and all.  That We had all sorts of weather in a day, one minute we had strong winds, and then threatening clouds and then suddenly the clouds cleared to reveal the blue sky. When life throws you lemons, you make lemonade. It was awfully chilly with the strong winds, but that also meant lovely fluttering of the gown in the wind. *woot*

Thank you, Ikeshima and Hamamura san for the letting me be part of your celebration. :)