Japanese Wedding / Yanagawa city, Japan

When Miyazaki-sanand Akune-san contacted me, I was pleasantly surprised. He named me many overseas wedding photographers that he liked, which was rather rare for a Japanese. He also opened up andshared with me story of how he and his wife got together. It was extremely heart warming to hear their story.  Their wedding was held in Yanagawa-city in Fukuoka prefecture, a city is famous for this quaint meandering river canalsand ceremonial bridal boat ride. Until today, the traditional tunes sang by the boat rower as the ceremonial boat went down the river still lingers in my mind.

However, the heart and soul of this wedding was definitely all about family. It was an exclusive and intimate event with only close family members. And most importantly, this wedding also signified a new family formed. Myazaki-san, Akune-san and their lovely daughter. They never stopped being daddy and mommy even on their wedding day. (Definitely no days off!) It was extremely heart warming to witness and capture this union and family.

Miyazaki-san and Akune-san, it was an honour to share in- and document these memories for you and your family. Thank you so much.

(Special note: The shrine ceremony was captured in a shrine with rules on limited access and movement.)


Shrine Wedding: 日吉神社 Hiyoshi Shrine

Wedding Planning & Wedding Lunch:  御花 Ohana