Wedding Day Photography

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is your photography style for weddings?

A: I largely shoot in a photojournalistic style capturing candid moments. I’m relatively unobtrusive in my coverage of the day. I’ll not stop and ask you or your guests to pose for images, but instead will capture you and your guests smiling, drinking, chatting and having a good time. I will of course take pictures should you look towards and pose for the camera. While I rarely ask couples to pose for a image during their wedding, I do directive posing for the bridal portraits. I’ll also capture your wedding details such as your rings, shoes, dress, venue set up, to tell your wedding day story.



Q: How many images will we receive?

A : The number of images depends on a number of things - the hours of coverage, the number of guests, photography rules of the venue . The average for an eight hour day coverage is about 300 to 400 quality images, but these numbers may vary depending on the day itself. I do not limit the number of images I take. I shoot continuously to capture your wedding to the best of my ability!



Q: Do we receive the raw, unedited files?

A: The raw files are not available for viewing or purchase. The raw files are the “sketches” to the finished painting. The final images that will be delivered to you will be professionally edited. Each image will be hand edited, one at time, without mass producing results.



Q: Can you shoot or edit our images in another photographer’s style?

A: Please look through all my galleries on my website or blog to make sure that the photography and editing style you see on my website reflects what you want for your wedding day photography. If you require a different style, I will suggest you hire a another photographer that makes images closer to your ideal style.



Q: We want everything documented and more images!

A: Please understand the collection of wedding images vary based on many things. Length of the day, the events to be covered, full weekend coverage. Every wedding is different and covered to my best ability. If you would like additional coverage with more images, you can always add a second photographer to document your wedding alongside myself.



Q: Do we have to cover the photographer’s transportation and lodging expenses?

A: I am based in Toyama prefecture, in West Japan. For weddings outside of Toyama prefecture, clients will reimburse the photographer’s actual transportation cost and lodging expenses. Transportation cost will include any airfare, train fare, parking fee, car rental fee involved. One night of lodging will be required. The photographer will arrive into the city of the wedding the day before the wedding. This will ensure that there will not be any possibility of delay on the day of your wedding. If your wedding runs late and the photographer is unable to find transportation back to her home city, a second night of lodging will be required.



Q: Do you take posed family or group photos?

A:  Absolutely. Group family photos are records of your family at an important event of your lives.
However, please bear in mind that I shoot in a photojournalistic style capturing candid moments, so a long list of posed group shots will hinder my ability to cover your event in a documentary style. I also cover all group shots in a largely informal manner, without setting up large tripods, lights, benches or steps.

If you require a formal group shot, I’ll suggest you approach the venue photographer.



Q: If our wedding schedule overruns, will you stay later than you were schedule?

A:  Surely. I do charge additional for overtime. These extra over time rates will only come into effect with your permission and approval that I continue.



Q: If I need to cancel my wedding, is the retainer refundable?

A: All retainer fees are not refundable. The retainer guarantees that I will hold the date exclusively for you and will turn down all other assignments on that day.



Q: My venue says that you have to sit down or stay at one spot during the wedding event.

A: Every wedding venue has their own rules and I totally respect their rules. As I will not be allowed to move, photography coverage in terms of variety of images, number of images will be more limited. In such cases, the images delivered to you may differ from the images you see on my portfolio.