Photo Session FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions


Prewedding Frequent Asked Questions




Q: How can I get make up & styling for my photoshoot?

A:   Clients are free to hire their preferred stylist. If clients wish to hire a stylist in Japan, photographer can assist in sourcing for one for you. Sourcing of stylists is done only for clients for confirm our photography service.



Q: Do you provide wedding outfits/ kimono rental?

A: Clients are advised to bring wedding outfits from their home country as the wedding dress styles in Japan are quite different and it is difficult to do dress fitting.  There are kimono rental stores in major cities in Japan. The photographer can assist in sourcing a kimono rental store for you.




Q: How many original images will we receive?

A: The number of images taken depends on a number of factors - the number of active photography hours, traveling time between locations, traveling time within a location, weather and so forth. On an average, you can expect to receive 15-20 quality images per hour, but these number may vary on the day itself.



Q: In addition to the photography fee, are there any additional costs that I should know of ?


The photographer is based in Nanto  city , Toyama prefecture. For shoots outside of her city, clients will bear the photographer's round trip transportation and lodging fee (if necessary) .

For lodgings, the photographer will usually reserve accommodation at a budget business hotel (8,000-10,000 Japanese yen/night) , subjected to availability during time of booking. During peak periods or last minute bookings, these budget accommodations may be fully booked and the photographer will have to make a booking at a hotel in a different price range.

Clients will also bear the cost for transportation cost between shooting locations such as long distance buses, special trains rides, taxi rides, car rental, car hire and so forth; entrance fees into shooting locations for photographer and any accompanying staff, photography permits.

For deposit payment via paypal, there is a transfer fee of 3% and 290JPY.





Q: What is the mode of transportation between locations?

The prices indicated in the pricing chart does not include transportation cost between photo shoot locations.

If budget permits, it is advisable to get chartered car with driver. Clients will be able to get some rest between locations and will be able to leave their belongings in the car during the photo session.   If clients have an international driver's license, they can opt for car rental and self-drive.

For certain cities, it may be possible to opt for public transportation such as train or taxi. For more information, please discuss with the photographer.



Q: How many locations can we cover in the photo session?

The number of locations you can cover depends on the number of photography hours, traveling time between locations, and number of outfit and styling changes. If it requires a long time to get to a location, naturally we will not be able to cover as many locations within your photography hours.

I highly encourage couples to plan for a more relaxed and realistic schedule as opposed to rushing from one location to another. When you are relaxed and not feeling rushed, your expressions are usually more natural and beautiful.



Q: Can we choose our own locations?

Yes, most definitely! I highly encourage couples to choose their own locations to suit their style and interests. If you require advice, I can give suggestions, depending on whether I have experience in the city of photo shoot. If necessary, I can assist in researching for locations. Please note that I will only start researching or giving recommendation of locations after confirmation of booking.



Q: We want to shoot at this really beautiful place. Do we need a permit?

A: There are many places that will require a permit, but the permit will have to be obtained by the client, not the photographer. If the clients require assistance checking, I will be glad to assist. If we try to shoot at a location without a required permit, we will run risk of being stopped or asked to leave.

Please also note that Japanese temples and shrines frown upon photo shoots, particularly those in wedding outfits, on their grounds.



Q: We want to shoot at a more unique place where other couples have never gone before. Are you open to that?

A: Absolutely! I’m always open to exploring new places with couples! However, please note that while I can help to assist in researching for locations online, I will not be able to do location scouting due to my schedule. For exploration of new locations, I always encourage couples to be flexible and keep an open mind!





Q: How will the photo session be like? Do you do a lot of posing?

A: In the photo sessions, I do some directive posing, such as asking the couple to stand or look in a certain way. I also allow the couples to interact freely, while I shoot candid images from a distance. If you prefer more candid moments, then I will recommend choosing a more causal wedding gown or causal outfits. These outfits allow more movement, without the photographer having to come in to adjust the gowns, interrupting couple interaction.



Q: We really like these images taken in this style. Can you emulate these images for our photo session?

A: Please look through the galleries and blog posts on my website to be familiar with my works to make sure that the style you see in the galleries and blog posts reflects the photograph and editing style you want for your images. If what you see on my website and social media is not a good match, then I might not be the photographer for you.







Q: Will the photo shoot be cancelled if it rains?

No. The photographer will not cancel the photo session. Rainy days can actually add unique elements in your images! If the weather is stormy and unsafe for photo taking, the photographer will be open to discussions with the client to adjust the number of photography hours or postpone the session. Postponement of session will be dependent on photographer's schedule.


Q: When is the best time for cherry blossom photo sessions?

The blooming of the cherry blossoms is unpredictable and varies every year. The blooming period of cherry blossom also varies from city to city, and altitude (mountain vs. ground level). Within a city, the blooming period of trees in different parks can also be different.  Unfortunately, there is no guaranteed way to predict. Clients can refer to blooming dates of the past years to decide a photo session


Q: Can you tell us the best locations for cherry blossom photo session?

The photographer has experience shooting the cherry blossoms and is able to assist in researching for cherry blossom locations. The photographer speaks and read Japanese, so she is able to research cherry blossom spots that are known only to locals. Please kindly note that while clients can shortlist some locations, there is always a possibility that the cherry blossoms in the shortlisted locations may not be in bloom during the photo session. We can only confirm the final cherry blossom locations a few days before the photo session.