Pre Wedding Questionaire

Thank you so much for allowing Kai Photography to be a part of your big day! If you could take the time to fill out this wedding questionnaire, it would greatly assist me in providing the most enjoyable experience for everyone!

If your venue is a Japanese venue and you're not sure of the details, it's no problem! Please fill in whatever you can. Kindly ask your Japanese coordinator to e-mail the wedding day schedule (Overall, Ceremony and Reception Schedule, please!) to me.

My e-mail address is

If necessary, I'm available for a Skype meeting to discuss and offer input to your photography needs, schedules and so on.

To help me create the best possible images for your wedding, here are also some wedding advice from a photographer's perspective.

Name of Bride *
Name of Bride
Bride's contact number on wedding day *
Bride's contact number on wedding day
Name of Groom *
Name of Groom
Groom's contact number on wedding day *
Groom's contact number on wedding day
E.g. wedding coordinator, maid of honor Contact number E-mail address (For Wedding Coordinators) Preferred language for communication
Please indicate maid of honor.
Please indicate best man.
Ideal Photographer Start Time *
Ideal Photographer Start Time
The room that the bride or groom will be getting styling done and dressed
E.g. hotel room , salon
Wedding Detail Pictures
Select all that apply.
E.g. something blue, wedding present from mom
Pre-ceremony pictures
Select all that apply
When would you like to have couple portraits done?
E.g. Name of hotel, restaurant
E.g. chapel room in XX hotel
E.g. date, time, location
Ceremony Start Time *
Ceremony Start Time
E.g. bride enters with Father of the bride --> Hymn --> Ring exchange --> vows ....
Some venues have strict rules with regards to photography. E.g. places where the photographer cannot stand at
E.g. musical number, children or pets as ring bearer etc.
Family Portraits
Select all that apply.
Please include possible location for group photos and number of people.
Where would you like family portraits to take place?
Post-ceremony pictures
Select all that applies.
Please indicate preferred locations.
E.g. hotel or restaurant name
E.g. Name of ballroom
Reception Lunch/ Dinner Start Time *
Reception Lunch/ Dinner Start Time
First Dances
Select all that apply:
E.g. slideshows, performances, games, surprises, special speeches
Estimated Photographer End Time *
Estimated Photographer End Time
Other Details
What is important in terms of photography on your special day?
E.g. theme, colors, decoration
If you are using the venue vendors and you're not sure of their names, please indicate "V" for venue.
Image Delivery & Social Media