About Kai

Hello. I'm Kai and I'm a Singaporean photographer based in Japan.

I'm married to my husband, Shuji and we live in Toyama prefecture in West Japan, a beautiful area surrounded by the majestic Japanese alps.

I started out photography for the love of hiking and nature. And living in Japan inspired me to capture the the culture, and seasonal landscapes and eventually to pursue photography professionally.

I also love to explore urban treasure coves, quaint streets, enjoy a cup of hot tea while chilling with my tabby cat.

My photography is driven by emotions and moments. The burst of laughter between couples; the quiet shared moments; the tight hugs in rainy days, the rush of bustling streets, the solitude of landscapes ...

If you like my vision, I'd love for you to get in touch. I'll also like to connect with you via Facebook and Instagram, or feel free to drop me an e-mail.

Based in Toyama prefecture in Japan, but available for assignments in all parts of Japan and overseas.


Photographer:  Kai

E-mail:  info@kaiphotographyjapan.com

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